Grocery Shopping? Use the Three S Rule for Healthy Eating

Salt, Sugar, & Serving Size: the Smart way to Decode Nutrition Labels Grocery shopping has always intimidated me. Where’s that item I’m looking for again, did they move it… did I remember everything on my list? Is this option for the best price? Enter Covid-19, and grocery shopping that used to just be stressful, is a downright nightmare. With the added pressures of lines, facemasks, social distancing rules, quantity limits, and more, I’m often tempted to skip checking those complicated nutrition labels and high-tail it out of the store as fast as possible!  I couldn’t do it anymore. So, I...

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Cinco de Mayo Brain Food Fiesta!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with brain health nutrition options!   Here are five tips for your day:  1) say adios to conventional tortilla chips!  2) go with black beans  3) use Remi's taco recipe  4) choose your tortillas wisely  5) homemade salsa is the way to go   Remi's Spicy Mango Fish Tacos  Remi's Spicy Mango Jalapeno Salsa  

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