Original Recipe Nutrition Bar (7 Bar Box)

Original Recipe Nutrition Bar (7 Bar Box)

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You know what's great about the Original Recipe Nutrition Bar?
It is specifically created to help support your memory, focus, and mental clarity, while offering a bright, flavorful blend of organic almonds, cherries, dates, blueberries, coconuts, and seeds. The bars also deliver brain-boosting omega 3s, vitamin E, and probiotics.  

You can enjoy every bite knowing each ingredient has a purpose. The nutrition is balanced to fuel a better brain. It's delicious and nutritious! 

  • 12g of protein and 12g of fiber
  • Organic and plant-based ingredients 
  • Gluten free 
  • no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, nothing #irrelephant 

The bar is mother approved, nutritionist backed, and dietitian recommended.

Nutrition bars will be delivered by August!  Your pre-order will make you one of the first to get it.  

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