Know How You Can Prevent Memory Loss?

Most people don't even think about preventing memory loss.  
The idea of misplacing your phone is probably painful enough.  How would you feel about forgetting a loved one’s name?  
Memories are so precious that living life without them is a scary thought.  
Here’s some good news:
Research on Alzheimer’s has provided insight into how we can keep our memories and protect our brains, especially through modifiable factors.  That applies to day to day life, not just old age!  
This research has found 7 key ways we can help our brains!  
Dr. Richard Isaacson is a neurologist who has spent his career focused on brain health and published countless insights into how the brain works.  
This is what he has to share: 
“the brain needs oxygen and nutrition in order to function properly...we believe that risk reduction is absolutely vital for anybody who is concerned about memory loss.”  
The basic principles of diet and exercise aren’t only good for the body, they are essential for our brain health.  
Exercise can actually stimulate growth of brain cells and develop new connections between brain cells.  And we used to call them "dumb jocks!"  
We are what you eat, too.  Dr Isaacson notes: “the kinds, quality, and quantity of the foods you eat can have such a significant effect on the way your brain works, it is important to regulate your diet to keep your mind operating at maximum capacity.”  
Ready to learn more? Here is a link to 7 Tips that can help your brain and prevent memory loss.  
Don’t just worry about memory loss, do something about the modifiable factors that help you think - and remember - better!  
Here’s to Better Brains and Better Lives!

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